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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 13, 2015 10:34pm-11:37pm CST

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>> jimmy: oh, my goodness. that's what i'm talking about right there. that is the way to do it. that's the love. [ cheers and applause ] i can't tell you. right back, i'll take the love and give it right back to you. thank you very much, everybody. nothing like a good hug like that. welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. this is it. you're here. you're part of the show. [ cheers and applause ] this is it. we're in it together. all right, what can we -- what can we talk about tonight. tomorrow night, of course, is the second democratic debate. [ cheers ] it is the perfect way to spend a saturday night. [ laughter ]
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and every movie theater is closed. and you only get one channel. i mean that is the perfect way to spend a saturday evening. this time, the debate will feature just three candidates, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. or as viewers call them, and a bathroom break. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i got stuff to do. got to get another beer. >> steve: i got to martin o'malley. >> jimmy: yeah. tomorrow night's debate will air on cbs, and i don't know if maybe they're worried about ratings, but the intro that they have for the debate makes it look like one of cbs's big hits. maybe i'm wrong. take a look. our home is a victim in a in a real bad state then donald trump put on a big red hat and entered the race hullary said i'm in too and bernie sanders joined the crew then martin o on the wall bring in the pyramids gop unravelling the history that all started with the big gang gang [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: the big gang theory. >> steve: with easter eggs. >> jimmy: oh, it looks good. i'd watch it. actually, i saw this week bernie sanders got an endorsement from the american postal workers union. [ cheers ] well, bernie sanders' neighbor got the endorsement, but it was meant for bernie. [ laughter ] he'll get it eventually. just for -- "hey, i think it's for you, buddy." of course we're starting to learn more about all the candidates. and i heard that hillary clinton, she gets her hair cut at a place in chappaqua, new york, called santa's hair salon. [ laughter ] yeah, while bill likes to hang out at a club called the north pole. and it's a -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i think a barber shop. >> steve: yeah, barber shop. >> jimmy: it's a barber shop. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: it's a barber pole. >> steve: sure. >> jimmy: i think. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: yesterday, in iowa, did you see donald trump? it's just fantastic. he was talking about ben carson's claim that he stabbed someone in the belt, when he was a kid. or ben carson stabbed a friend or a cousin, and it got blocked by the guy's belt -- >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: --is what he was saying, as a kid. and i'm not sure what's crazier, carson stabbing
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it. check this out. >> he took a knife and he went after a friend, and he lunged. he lunged that knife into the stomach of his friend, but lo and behold, it hit the belt. i have a belt. somebody hits me with a belt, it's going in. because the belt moves this way. it moves this way. [ laughter ] it moves that way. [ laughter ] he hit the belt buckle. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: aye! >> jimmy: oh, my lord. i think i just saw trump's tower. [ laughter and applause ] i saw. it went this way, it went that way, and this way, and that way. it went this way and that way. [ laughter ] off the rails.
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it's going to go this way and it's going to go that way and this way and that way. and this way. and that way. and this way, and that way, and this way, and that way, and this way, and that way, and this way, and that way. this way and that way. no, no, stop. that's not the way to go. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: trump tower. >> jimmy: i don't know. yeah. yeah. boy, everyone is starting to get excited about the final "hunger games" movie, which hits theaters next week. [ cheers and applause ] and they're all doing interviews. in a new interview, jennifer lawrence revealed that she has a tattoo on her hand that says h20 so that whenever she looks at it, it reminds her it's time drink more water. [ laughter ] pretty much everyone else looks at a tattoo as a reminder to stop drinking. they're like, "oh, why would i -- why would i get that?" [ laughter ] [ applause ] do you think spuds mackenzie will be around in the next couple years? yeah. so more celebrity news.
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of course, taylor swift is one of the most famous performers in the world. we love taylor swift. [ cheers and applause ] we love taylor swift, but it turns out that she's not the only person named taylor swift. there's actually a guy in seattle who's also named taylor swift. [ light laughter ] and it seems like he really enjoys it. take a look. >> his life has been hijacked by one of the biggest pop stars in the world. >> it's like endless amounts of you're beautiful, you're so talented. you're a great role model. you have a beautiful voice. and you know, here i am, just like, oh, thank you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no. you're beautiful. you're talented. you're not what i thought i was getting when i booked taylor swift for my daughter's bat mitzvah. the kids are crying. stuff like that, you know. to any of the other jimmy fallons out there, i assume you're the ones getting all the fan mail. [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: this way, that way, this way, that way. this way. that way. >> steve: you're gonna practice for me? >> jimmy: huge. [ laughter ] huge belt buckle. it could go this way or that way. [ laughter ] >> steve: his voice is higher. >> jimmy: his voice got higher. it's almost sounded like he was doing an impression of him. [ laughter ] it's huge it'll go this way, go that way. like joe pesci, almost. what am i, a freaking clown over here? making me laugh. what is this? [ laughter ] >> steve: jerry lewis. >> jimmy: jerry lewis. [ laughter ] don't know why we miss out. i would to climb the wall. [ laughter ] that would be nice. finally, you guys i read about a pub in england that has
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15 cats that just walk around so you can play with them while you drink beer. customers say it's fun and cozy, while the bar's owner has been dead upstairs for months. [ laughter ] we have a great show, everyone. give it up for the roots. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, hot stuff. thank you so much for being here you guys. come back again next week. we have -- cate blanchett will be here. [ cheers and applause ] we have our pal, jennifer lawrence will be here as well. [ cheers and applause ] and gordon ramsay will be here yelling at people. i love gordon ramsay. we'll have music from justin bieber, he will be here next week. [ cheers and applause ] jeff lynne's elo. elo, jeff lynne will be here. [ applause ] >> steve: whoa. >> jimmy: yeah, i don't know
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what jam he's going to do. is he gonna do -- one of the classics? oh, why that's fantastic. and we have r. kelly, who is always great on the show. every time he's on. [ cheers and applause ] did we reach out to billy ocean yet? we did reach out to billy? we were talking about billy ocean because the painting that ben carson has. it looks like -- do you have it? jesus. that's it. there's beauty up above take notice of you're in love [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: billy ocean's fantastic. he's like my new favorite singer. we have to get billy ocean, see where he is. he's on an island somewhere. >> steve: he's in the middle of the ocean. >> jimmy: he's in the middle of
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the ocean? >> steve: yes. >> jimmy: he lives there? >> steve: yeah, he lives there. >> jimmy: on like a cruise ship or something? >> steve: no it's a giant cruise ship that's so large that people think it's an island. it's not. >> jimmy: it's a moving island. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: billy ocean's cruise ship. >> steve: billy ocean's oceans island. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, we have to call him, please. billy ocean, if you're watching, come on the show. do anything you want. [ cheers and applause ] we love you. love to have billy ocean. >> steve: william ocean. love him. >> jimmy: fantastic. but first, guys, joining us tonight, he's a great new yorker. he's a multiple academy award nominee, and author of a new book called "rules for a a knight." ethan hawke is here, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] it's good looking book. it's really cool. >> steve: cool book. >> jimmy: no, it's fantastic. he does everything great. he doesn't fool around. he's like, whatever, i'll just go hit another home run. he's just the best. plus, this other guy is another one of my favorite actors. he's one of the new guys on the
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he's great in every role he does. every time i see him, i go, oh this is going to be a quality role, 'cause he's great. from the new film "youth," paul dano is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] he's always good. he's also good in "love and mercy," too. he plays brian wilson in this movie, and well, there's oscar buzz. >> steve: oscar. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's gonna be saying there's a little oscar buzz. [ light laughter ] no, the movie's good, and that's cool, it's just that he's getting a little oscar buzz. [ laughter ] >> steve: is something wrong with your mouth? >> jimmy: nothing's wrong with my mouth. that's a good movie. i enjoyed it. i think they should get a a little oscar buzz. [ laughter ] >> steve: you don't realize it, but you're sticking your tongue out when you talk. >> jimmy: i don't know what you're saying. but that's cool, you can keep talking in front of your podium or whatever. [ laughter ] this is a big night tonight. i'm so excited. there's a buzz in the building, there's a buzz around the world. i mean world star hip-hop, we're talking about. [ cheers ] this is big, you guys. reuniting on television for the first time in over 15 years, we have a special performance from
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[ cheers and applause ] oh! >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. i cannot wait. i love them. and they sound great. so turn up your tvs, have a a party tonight. why not? enjoy the weekend. guys, some of you guys might know, we do this segment on our show called "nfl superlatives" where kind of -- we give out awards to nfl players like the ones in high school yearbooks. well, over the past couple years we've done a lot of jokes about the players on the seattle seahawks. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: here's just a few. >> jimmy: next up from the seahawks is jon ryan, he was voted most likely to get sunburned by the moon. [ laughter ] next we have michael bennett, he was voted most likely to accidentally snap every pair of sunglasses he tries on. [ laughter ] next, we have j.r. sweezy, he was voted people magazine's sexiest zombie alive. that's amazing. [ laughter ]
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starting quarterback russell wilson, he was voted most likely to wave with just his fingers. [ laughter ] next is marshawn lynch. he was voted most likely to dot his ts and cross his is. [ laughter ] he was voted most likely to not need the glasses at 3d movies. he was voted most likely to say, "jimmy fallon, i love those guys." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, man. well, it's all in good fun. we're basically making fun of these team photos that they took. some of them are like three years -- marshawn lynch's probably 3 years-old. but we still make fun of it because it's just a funny picture. >> steve: best picture ever. >> jimmy: well, i always say if anyone has a bad picture, we just like j.r. sweezy, too -- anyway. earlier today, the seahawks turned the tables on me. [ laughter ] they tweeted out their own video of them giving me some superlatives. i got to say, it's pretty funny. watch out for the marshawn lynch cameo.
10:47 pm
[ laughter ] he makes a cameo at the end. very subtle cameo at the end. check this out. >> all right, what are we doing? >> we're recording superlatives for jimmy fallon. >> who? jimmy falon. >> fallon. >> fallon. so he must be like a pretty big guy to be making fun of nfl players. let me see a picture of him. oh, no. he's not a big guy. he's petite. [ laughter ] okay, so you want me to go on and make fun of him? >> you know what time it is. seahawks superlatives. >> every time we play sunday night football, jimmy fallon always picks on us. but we came together and thought about this real hard and said we'll get jimmy fallon back. most likely never to get right swiped on tinder. [ laughter ] >> jimmy fallon. most likely to have a zumba membership. [ laughter ] >> jimmy fallon, most likely to get a wedgie from j.r. sweezy.
10:48 pm
and like it. can't stand that [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> jimmy fallon, most likely not to get a call back after auditioning for "magic mike." [ laughter ] hey jimmy. >> most likely to be the only guy in lane bryant. [ laughter ] >> most likely to be less funnier than conan. i'm funnier than you, too, jimmy. [ cheers and applause ] >> man, [ bleep ] jimmy fallon. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> steve: don't sugar coat it. >> jimmy: yeah, tell me how you really feel. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: i should say that it's all written by our writers, not me. i have nothing to do with it. [ laughter ] but that was great. thank you for the great videos. hopefully my jokes give you the edge you need to win this weekend, okay? so thank you to the seattle seahawks for being such good sports. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. thank you very much. welcome back to "the tonight show." thank you for watching us. guys, today is friday. that's usually when i catch up with personal stuff. you know, i check my inbox, return some e-mails and, of course, i send out "thank you" notes. i was running a bit behind today, so i thought, if you wouldn't mind, i'd just like to write out my weekly "thank you" notes right now. is that cool? [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. this way and that way and this way. [ light laughter ] >> steve: b-b-b-b-belt. >> jimmy: james, can i get some "thank you" note writing music? [ light laughter ] he's in a great mood. he's in a great mood today. look how happy he is. >> steve: for real. wow. [ laughter ] look at him.
10:54 pm
[ cheers ] >> jimmy: thank you, al gore, for announcing that you're not indorsing hillary clinton for president. even global warming scientifics were like, "damn, that's cold." [ laughter and applause ] thank you, donald trump, for accusing hillary clinton of wearing a wig. [ light laughter ] 'caused quite a bit of controversy, but i'm sure it'll eventually comb over. [ laughter and applause ] blow over. >> steve: blow over. blow. >> jimmy: what'd i say? what'd i say? >> steve: it's a wig. >> jimmy: this way then that way than this way. >> steve: those are the instructions. >> jimmy: it's great. wish i was there. thank you, ben carson's painting of him anjesus, for somehow ing a weder rsion
10:55 pm
[ laughter and applause ] how was that? remember that? >> steve: why? >> jimmy: there was no reason, he just -- >> steve: was he in "captain eo"? >> jimmy: he was not in "e.t." at all. michael had nothing to do with this. did he do an audio book? >> questlove: he did the read-along story book. >> jimmy: yeah. i had a poster of him. >> questlove: yeah. >> steve: of michael jackson and e.t.? >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: what? >> jimmy: it just made sense. i don't know why. [ laughter ] i was like, i like both of those dudes. yeah, i don't care. i get to hang out. i don't know. i was in. that makes sense to me. [ light laughter ] i love both those guys. >> steve: props from a movie. >> jimmy: i loved it. yeah. total puppet, yeah. i didn't see him as a puppet. saw him as a person. >> steve: no you saw him as a a real person. >> jimmy: i'm talking about e.t. >> questlove: michael jackson. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: of course, michael jackson's a person. >> steve: i was totally confused. >> jimmy: yeah, no. yeah. >> jimmy: thank you, dunkin' donuts, for making a a holiday-themed cup for christmas.
10:56 pm
as well as one for hanukkah. oy. [ laughter and applae ] thank you, mexo, for movin one step closer legaling mariana. finay, peoplwill be le t get drs in mexico. laughternd appuse ] >> stevegood. >> jmyabout me. >> sve: out time. >> jimmyabout me. >> sve: nuts. >> jmy: thk you, cyons that s nonoxic, folettin know thatt someoint crays re tox. laughternd appuse ] i ed teat thos waxy gooess. thanyou, acorn foreing nare's eentric beret-aring nu theryou , everody. cheersnd applaus] those are "thank younotes. we'll be right bk with my n, eth hawke.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we are joined right now by a four-time academy award-nominated writer and actor. he's also the author of this latest book, entitled "rules for a knight." please welcome back to the show our pal ethan hawke, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're a stud. you're looking good, man. >> thanks. >> jimmy: thank you for coming back to our show. i was talking about you the other day, because we had michael keaton on the show. i don't even know if it made it
11:02 pm
to air. we were talking on the commercial break. do you remember running into me on the street when i was wearing a leather jacket. >> your swag promoting yourself. jimmy gets worried that he doesn't get recognized enough. >> jimmy: no, no, no! >> he wears outfits that announce "the tonight show." >> jimmy: no, no, that's not true! >> just in case you see him at the coffee shop and you're not sure. "is that jimmy fallon?" oh, it's his jacket. it's definitely him. i know you. >> jimmy: what happened was -- it was the most embarrassing. you know, you're one of my favorite actors of all time. i got a leather jacket made. and i don't even wear leather jackets. but i figured i would wear it. they said we can engrave it and put what -- not engrave it, but whatever you do, stitching or whatever. >> right >> jimmy: and so i go, what do you want? i go, "just put saturday night live on it." >> right. >> i go, "okay, cool." yeah, you're acting like that now. so, i get it, i go, "that's kind of weird." so i was asking michael keaton if he ever walked around with a a batman t-shirt on. he was like, "no, i would never do that. thank i'm that stupid." "oh yeah, me neither." ll; but then one day -- one day out of all the days of my life, i go, "i'll throw this jacket on. why not?" i go for a walk.
11:03 pm
and who do i run into but ethan hawke? and i go, "hey, man, how are you?" and he looked at the thing and he goes, "good for you." [ laughter ] good for me? no, i didn't do it on purpose. i was so embarrassed. i never wore it again, ever. i still have the jacket. i should give it to you. you could wear it. >> i could wear it. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. thanks for coming on. we have lots to talk about. congrats on "seymour," by the way. a documentary you did. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's why you were here last time. now it's on dvd and on demand and itunes, all that stuff. get it, if you haven't seen it, it's just fascinating. i had no idea about this guy. you did a great job. >> well thank you. >> jimmy: now you have a third book, this is your third book. this is a different one. "rules for a knight." first of all, how cool is it -- whoever, i don't know who made the book, but -- >> didn't they do a great job? >> jimmy: it's fantastic. >> it's so cool looking. >> jimmy: it's like you would have it in your library, the best, and a gold tassel on the bottom. it's just so rad and well done. i love it. in the book, it's just different rules like humility, gratitude, pride, friendship. >> solitude. >> jimmy: courage. >> courage.
11:04 pm
faith, love. >> jimmy: it started as a thing you did for your kids. >> right. it started out as a deal my wife and i did for christmas. you know how you try to make rules for your house, and how it works? and we're trying to make it fun. one of the things that's difficult about parenting from a divorced vantage point is that there's this pressure -- a a lot of dads do a lot of guilty parenting, because all the kid has to say is, "well, mommy would never make me brush my teeth." you're like, "ah, throw the toothpaste out!" >> jimmy: you don't need that. let's eat some candy. yeah, yeah. then go to bed. >> so my wife and i had this idea to make rules fun. and this whole idea of rules for a knight, and it started out as seven rules and we did it as a christmas present, and then we got a little longer and my wife did the illustrations. >> jimmy: she did a great job, by the way. >> they're really cool. and they're all different birds. the idea for her was, i have
11:05 pm
and so the idea was how to make these ideology of knights and genders. the great thing about birds is they're not really -- i mean they are masculine and feminine, but unless you're a [ laughter ] birds. >> oh, the red feather is the girl cardinal. you know? >> jimmy: you're thinking too much. just enjoy the beautiful bird. yeah. and what did your daughters say when you showed them? you made it into a book. >> i did all this stuff for them. my oldest daughter picked it up, she's like, "wow, dad, your name's pretty big. [ laughter ] is it a book about a knight or is it book about you?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: where is the humility, dad? >> exactly. "so am i supposed to think that you're a knight, because you're not?" [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: the nicest kids, i gotta say. i love them. the cutest kids. the nicest kids. but i think it's a great book even for adults. as well, because it reminds you, oh, yeah, always good to get a reminder of what -- >> you don't usually have an
11:06 pm
about -- you know, unless you're, i don't know, i always found it difficult to find a a reason to talk about, so why are you not supposed to lie? everybody says you're not supposed to, but why not? what's fun is for the years i have been collecting these different parables -- you know, like little zen koans a little jedi mantras. just things that you can -- you see his eyes? they just went like, jedi? >> jimmy: i'm like a little kid. >> i was getting boring and i said "jedi" and i got interesting again. >> jimmy: i'm always interested, but you say "jedi"? yeah. >> i have been collecting these parables for years, because i like them, because they don't dictate to you how you're supposed to think. they just tell you a story and you use your own brain. >> jimmy: i wrote a book too. same idea as yours, parables. "your baby's first word will be dada." it's almost the same as your book. it just says like, you know, it's pretty fun. like, "dada squeak." [ light laughter ] stuff like that. a great book. again, you want to have conversations like that with your kids. [ laughter ] we don't hang around the same book clubs.
11:07 pm
we'll never bump into each other ever, yeah. no, i wasn't plugging my book. it is much larger than yours. [ laughter ] but i'm just saying, what does it matter? [ applause ] who is countin [ laughter ] no big deal. whatever. [ light laughter ] but this, i gotta say, this is good. the proceeds from this book go to charity. >> yeah, well, my wife and i, we have some different learning disabilities in our family. so, one of the ways we figured we could take this thing we did it for our family, share it with the world and maybe take what we make from it and help other families. >> jimmy: good for you. see that's what i'm saying. [ applause ] that's why you are who you are. always doing something different. and i never want to know what you're doing. because you didn't tell me about "boyhood", and i was like, "why didn't you?" but i'm happy you didn't. >> okay. >> jimmy: and also i was thinking about that. because at the -- in the back of the book, you have a special thanks to other knights. >> knights that i learned things from. >> jimmy: people that you learned things from like muhammad ali.
11:08 pm
guess, right? bob dylan. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: i didn't see my name in here. [ laughter ] >> oh, did it not-- >> jimmy: there's a lot of names. there's actually room for more. >> you know what's strange? >> jimmy: and, you didn't run out of space. >> i find this really embarrassing for this to come up this way. there is a second draft coming out, and there will be an ode to you, an actual full-on poem for you. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you know, it's called "ballad of jimmy." >> jimmy: thank you. >> and in parentheses dada. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not "dah-dah", "da-da" >> i think i made it too deep for a second. >> jimmy: i was thinking about this. should i be insulted, because i had you on the show a bunch of times, and i have run into you on the streets and you've insulted me and stuff. so i go, maybe i've earned something. then i was thinking, you know what? you're one of my heroes. it would be weird if you looked at me as one of your heroes. because that wouldn't make any sense. >> let me tell you something. you're quickly becomg one of my heroes. the job you're doing on this show, it's unbelievable.
11:09 pm
tell you how many times somebody comes up to me and says, "you gotta see last night's show. you gotta youtube--" i can't tell you how often that happens, jimmy. >> jimmy: it's all because people like you come on the show and be awesome and the crowd appreciates it and we appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] congrats to you, best to the family. i'm going to get you that jacket. >> all right. >> jimmy: here's my hero, ethan hawke, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "rules for a knight" is available now. paul dano joins us after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] (music) woman: i'll never remember all the projects, presentations, or meetings i gave up my nights for. (music's drums intensify) but days like this, i'll never forget. get out there, in the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is such a talented, talented actor. he's fantastic as the beach boys' brian wilson in the film "love and mercy," which is now available on dvd and itunes. he's ao wonderful in t new film "uth," which ops in select theers on december h. easeelme pl dano.
11:13 pm
>> jimmy: looking sharp. thank you for coming on the show. >> thanks, man. have you. cause i'm a big fan of yours. >> i'm a huge fan of yours, your show, your band. >> jimmy: thank you. the roots. they're the greatest. [ cheers and applause ] we have a lot to get into. but for those folks out there that don't know you, tell us a a little bit about yourself, where are you from, even? >> i am from manhattan. >> jimmy: you are. >> new york. >> jimmy: new york boy. yeah, absolutely. >> yeah, i grew up doing theater here and i moved to connecticut and did a little time in pennsylvania. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> now i'm -- all right, okay. now i'm back in brooklyn. >> jimmy: hey, all right, see, you're hitting every borough. th's fantastic. now, did y alws want tbe act, as kid d you go"that's it. i got my calling." were you parents into it? what was it? >> yeah, i mean, i started
11:14 pm
doing theater here growing up, but the first dream i had was to be in the nba. and i wanted to play basketball. this is probably in middle school when the dream was strong. and i was short, white and i wore glasses. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so my prospects were strong. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> but i decided to go another route. and, you know, at one point, i also wanted to try and play some music. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah. >> jimmy: were you ever in a a band? >> yeah, i've been in a few bands. >> jimmy: i always ask your band? lame or cool? >> all right, well -- >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. here we go. [ laughter ] yeah, yeah. this was like my diane sawyer moment. yeah, this is where i get something juicy out of you. >> no, that's okay. i actually have two high school friends here tonight who were in the first band i ever was in. and that band was called no gum. [ light laughter ] okay. >> it's amazing what you thought might have been cool, >> jimmy: you didn't want
11:15 pm
anyone chewing gum watching you? >> no, no, no. one of our band mates is sort of a friend, he's funny but he's also accidentally funny. i mean, he's the guy where like, the party's not right until he's falling over something. you know, somewhere. >> jimmy: i know that guy. [ laughter ] >> and his name's andrew. >> jimmy: all too well, all too well. i know him real well, yeah. >> his name's andrew. and i think the story behind no gum is that literally, i think one of my friends said to him, "andrew, are you dumb?" and he went, "no, no gum." [ laughter ] and we were like, all right. well, that's, you know -- i think we made fun of him forever about that. and then it became cool enough to be the band name. this is also the same person, where one time, somebody said, "hey, andrew, you look tall." and he said, "no, my shoes are just dirty." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: whatever. yeah, yeah. that's too long to be a band name.
11:16 pm
well, i'm happy you took the choice of what you're doing now because man, you're fantastic. every time i see you, i go, oh my gosh this guy is phenomenal. i mean, you're a fantastic actor. this new film "youth", who directed this one? >> this guy paolo sorrentino, an italian filmmaker. he did "the great beauty," which was out a few years ago. won a foreign language oscar. yeah, he's a beautiful filmmaker. >> jimmy: beautifully shot. and it's just a tricky subject, but it's so great. i mean, great acting. i want to show everyone a clip of paul dano and michael caine. you're in a movie with michael caine. it's called "youth." take a look at this. well deserved. >> i have worked with all the great european and american directors. but i'll be remembered forever for "mr. q." for a -- robot. i had to wear a suit of armor that weighed 200 pounds. you couldn't even see my face, but every five minutes, somebody has to come up and remind me that i did "mr. q." the same way they remind you that you did those simple songs.
11:17 pm
composed "the black prism," "the life of adrian" and all the rest. >> because levity is also a a perversion. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's fun. oh, it's a great movie. i loved it. and also, "love and mercy," man, oh, man, did you knock it out of the park being brian wilson. look at this picture back here. can you zoom into that? it looks like a picture of brian wilson. that's you. that's just amazing. what a great job you did in this. and you can sing, too. >> yeah, i can sing a little bit. this was the most fun i ever had acting, i think, brian. his spirit, like he's just an amazing, amazing man. >> jimmy: did you know much about the beach boys going in? >> i thought i did. but then -- i mean, that's one of the beautiful things, i think, about the film. i didn't know his story and the fact a guy who went through so much pain and struggle made music that made so many people smile, really moves me. >> jimmy: yeah, absolutely. we don't -- this is your first time on the show, i don't know if you've been on the show
11:18 pm
before, but we make our guests sing, every guest. >> every guest? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: every guest does. every guest does it. ethan just sang. ethan hawke just sang. i don't know if you missed it. i can do something with you if you would like. >> i will sing if you sing with me. >> jimmy: of course, do you mind doing a "beach boys" song? >> let's do it. let's do it. >> jimmy: roots, you want to do -- >> what do you know? i want you to pick an option. >> jimmy: "barbara ann?" we can do "barbara ann," right? everyone knows that one. >> sure. >> jimmy: is that a good note? ba ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann you got me rocking and a rolling rocking and a reeling barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann went to a dance looking for romance saw barbara ann so i thought i'd take a chance barbara ann ba ba
11:19 pm
ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann you got me rocking and a rolling rocking and a reeling barbara ann ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann >> jimmy: give it up for paul dano, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] that's what i'm talking about. paul dano, "love and mercy" is on dvd, itunes. "youth" is in select theaters december 4th. next up music. tribe called quest is on next. come back. a tribe called quest. ba ba ba ba barbara ann ba ba ba ba barbara ann let the holidays begin! [ crowd gasps ] oh that is not good! a bulb has gone out. who will go on the perilous journey to replace it? we will!
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the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. get ready, everybody. >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: our next guests are reuniting on television for the first time in over 15 years to celebrate the special 25th anniversary edition of their classic debut album, "people's instinctive travels and the paths of rhythm." performing their hit, "can i kick it." [ cheers and applause ] with a little help from the
11:25 pm
called quest." >> now, listen. hold up, hold up, hold up. i want everybody out there, when i say can i kick it, i want y'all to say, yes you can. you got me? everybody, get up out your seats. >> get up out your seats. everybody. >> y'all ready? one, two, three. can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can well i'm gone, gone can i kick it to all the people who can quest like a tribe does before this did you really know what life was comprehend to the track for its wide 'cause gettin' mentions on the tip of the vibe buzz rock 'n' roll to the beat of the funk fuzz wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug if you feel the urge to freak do the jitter bug come and spread your arms
11:26 pm
if you really need a hug afro-centric living is a big shrug a life filled with thats what i love a lower plateu is what we're above if you diss us we wont even think of will nipper the doggy give a big shove this rhythm really fits like a snug glove like a box of positives its a plus love as the tribe flies here we go y'all get on up here we go y'all get on up here we go y'all get on up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can y'all kick it yes we can can i kick it to my tribe that flows in layers
11:27 pm
right now phife is a poem sayer at times i'm a studio conveyer mr. dinkens will you please be my mayor you'll be doing us a really big favor check out this track really has a lot of flavor when it comes to rhythms quest is your savior so follow us for the funky behavior make a note on the rhythm we gave ya feel free to drop your drawers and check your hair do you like the garments that we wear i instruct you to be the obeyer a rhythm recipe that you'll savor doesn't matter if you're minor or major yes the tribe of the game rhythm player and you inhale like a breath of fresh air here we go y'all you don't stop clap your hands now you don't stop clap your hands now get up now everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up
11:28 pm
everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up everybody get up one two three [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. oh, my god. go, get out. get out. oh, my gosh. get out. oh, my god. go, get out. get out. get out. oh, my god. a tribe called quest! [ cheers and applause ] that was the way to do it! the 25th anniversary edition of "people's instinctive travels and the paths of rhythm" is out today. we'll be right back, everybody. yes we can!
11:29 pm
started from the bottom, now you're here.
11:30 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, thank you, thank you to ethan hawke, paul dano. [ cheers and applause ] once again, a tribe called quest.
11:31 pm
how awesome is that? oh, my goodness. and the roots right there, ladies and gentlemen, from philadelphia, pennsylvania. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. i hope to see you next week. thank you so much, buh-bye. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- sean "diddy" combs, from nbc's "blindspot", actress jaimie alexander, music from gary clark jr,
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